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People on your site

Setting up and inviting people


A short video on this important part of the app


Yes, Zero Harm requires account creation from all users. 

Architects at Work

How to register and induct when you've been invited onto a site.

Smiling Worker in Warehouse

People invited to the site will have different roles


Using the People area

The Zero Harm “People” area is a established zone in which people management can occur, the area allows Owners, Managers and Employees to be assigned and is the backbone to setting privileges and training. The below embedded video goes through this in detail and we recommend all users learn this area.

Everyone needs a user account

Yes, Zero Harm requires account creation from all users. If you are a work-place Owner, Manager, Employee or Contractor you can create an account at This is required as account creation is used to identify the users and to prove who is being inducted, or trained.


Register and induct as a contractor

Registering as a contractor is a easy process and only takes a couple of minutes, once the contractor has created an account they will be ready to induct into your farm. We have created a tutorial video which is embedded below into this page and will provide you with all the get go information!

Who you can add to site

You can add as many workers, employees, visitors, contractors and managers as you need to the site.

Workers, employees and contractors should be invited to the site from the People area. They will need to accept the invitation and can then induct and sign in and out of site.

Managers will also be invited from the people section, but they will have additional access to enable them to manage the site.

Visitors will be able to induct and sign in to any PUBLIC site, and won't need an invitation in order to see all the health and safety information and people's details.

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