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All About Sites

How to get yourself setup

We recommend you start with the site setup guide


A quick presentation to get you started adding sites and hazards.

Keys on Ring

Our advice on which one is best for you


Need directions to your place of work? We'll show you how you can make the most out of Zero Harm as a contractor


See how long it typically takes to get started

Architect on Building Site

A quick presentation to help you get people working on your site

The New House_edited.jpg

When you've finished with a site you can archive it.

Site setup guide

site setup

Getting to a site

Zero Harm allows you sign in without having to find that sign in book, sign in, and then drive to your destination.

You can sign in before you head out to site.

1. Search for the work site that you're visiting

If you’re a returning visitor you wont have to induct again, if you’re a first time user complete the induction to continue.

2. For returning users, click Sign In

3. Read any temporary hazards or amendments since your induction

4. Done

Oh! Remember, don’t forget to sign out when you leave so you don’t worry the work site manager!

We’re certain this will save you loads of time in the long run.

Have a safe visit.

Find and start work on a site

Private or public site

Zero Harm gives you the choice to make your site either Private or Public, although we set it to Private by default and recommend you keep it private.

A Private site is one where you will need to invite people, in order for them to see your details and to do work there.

A Public site is most useful for public events. It will make all your contact details and hazard locations available to anyone who finds the site in Zero Harm.

How long will it take?

It's pretty quick to get your site setup started, but it really depends on how many hazards you are entering, and if you want a Hazard Map.

If you’re a contractor, you can register and begin inducting into farms and sites within a couple of minutes. 

If you’re a site manager, you will need to create your farm/site and add your Safety Policy, Hazard Register, (Hazard Map,) Emergency Plans and Hazardous Substances before you can publish the site. We have automated much of the process to save you time. The whole process can take around an hour but you are encouraged to customize your farm or site as much as possible.

If you would like a Hazard Map, we will need to set that up for you, but you can still keep going with the other pieces you need to complete while you wait.

Archiving sites

In the site settings menu there is the ability to archive and republish sites.

You have the option to archive any site you have finished working on. If you are a site administrator you will still be able to see the site but not make any changes, and no one will be able to sign in.


It will also sign out everyone who is currently signed in.

You can republish the site at any time. Republishing the site will make it available again to edit and work on.

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